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Margret “Pax” Williams

Hello there.

I’m Pax. Welcome to my portfolio! I'm available for hire.

If any one of these situations sounds familiar to you, I can help!

  • 😔 You know your way around your website (your WordPress, Drupal, Gatsby, or Laravel website) but you can't figure out how to make it do what you want or look the way you want.
  • 😩 Your small business website is bloated and is not as fast as it can be.
  • 🤩 You dream of your own single-page application that's fast and SEO-friendly.

I also collaborate with development teams. So if...

  • 🙏 you need help developing an app or a feature and values clean [test-driven, readable] code
  • 😣 your app or feature is a drag to maintain and wish someone would write tests for you
  • you'd appreciate a hand with tracking down and squashing bugs

...don't hesitate to contact me.